Dragonlance 2016 Products

Dragonlance game product reprints as eBooks, available on DMsGuild.com (formerly D&D Classics)
Date Title Author(s) Series Type Notes
2016-03-22 Dragonlance Campaign Setting Margaret Weis, Don Perrin, Jamie Chambers, Christopher Coyle 3.5e eB $14.99, PDF
2016-05-10 Atlas of the Dragonlance World Karen Wynn Fonstad 1e eB $4.99, PDF
2016-06-28 Dragonlance: Fifth Age Dramatic Adventure Game William W Connors, Sue Weinlein Cook, Harold Johnson, Skip Williams SAGA eB $9.99, PDF
2016-06-28 Heroes of Steel Skip Williams SAGA eB $4.99, PDF
Dragonlance comic book reprints
2016-03-09 Dragons of Spring Dawning Andrew Dabb, Steve Kurth, Tyler Walpole Dragonlance Chronicles v.3 TPB IDW: $19.99
2016-04-06 eB Comixology: $7.99
2016-05-04 Dragonlance Classics, Vol. 3 Aldrin Aw, Dan Mishkin, Dave Hoover, Dave Simons, Don Kraar, Larry Ganem, Ron Randall DC Comics series issues #17-25 TPB IDW: $29.99
2016-06-01 eB Comixology: $14.99

Types: eB - eBook, TPB - Trade Paperback

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